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Get the Look for Less

Everyone loves to get a great deal and talk about getting a designer look for less. Look no further! Pop down and see us at Cambrian Clearance.

We've been going through some of the essential must haves for 2022 and have matched the items we have in store. All items are listed on our website but take a peek below and let us know what you think.


Gin Glasses

You'll see them everywhere, vintage gin glasses. Giving your gin or cocktail that classic look.

RRP £12.99 Each

Cambrian Clearance - £15 for 4

Glass Candlesticks

Get the vintage feel and group large collections of candles together to introduce an element of excess and indulgence.

RRP £29 pair

Cambrian Clearance - £8 - 10

Vintage Stoneware Jar

Love these vintage jars that are so versatile and a statement piece in any home.

Cambrian Clearance £10

Artichoke Tea Light Holder

RRP £35

Cambrian Clearance £8

Visit our website or visit our store in person;

Unit 4a, Bydwynn, Llanbedr, Gwynedd, LL45 2LP

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