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Vintage Fitness Pictures

January means we're working off those chocolates and mince pies... so we've been gathering images on those ways to lose weight from times gone by.

Image1: The 1920's version of the treadmill!

Image 2: By the early 1920s, stationary bicycles had been around for a while (they were even on the Titanic) and since, they've only grown in popularity.

Image 3: The early version of the rowing machine

Image 4: Check out this portable sauna from back in good old 1969

Image 5: Mechanical Bull from1926. While some bars today offer a mechanical bull ride, the fun piece of equipment was once actually used as an exercise device.

Image 6: A selection of exercise equipment from the 1970's

Image 7: Women exercising with Indian clubs

Image 8: The bongo board was a piece of wood balanced atop a roller. When stepping on either side of the board, the roller would roll from side to side. It was marketed as an individual see-saw that helped you get fit.

Image 9: The human hamster wheel dates back to the 20th century and was used as a form of amusement. But it can also be used as exercise equipment, as it takes some core strength to stay inside as the wheel turns. 1936

Image 10: Sweating suits meant weight loss, and look at these beauties!.

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